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Advantages Of A Brick Home

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Brick making has changed little in the thousands of years these blocks have been used. There is adobe brick, which is sundried clay mixed with sand, water and straw commonly used in the arid Southwest U.S. And then there is the more familiar type of brick used in New York and other parts of the Northeast, which is clay mixed with water and sand, cut and then fired to meld the materials into a hard brick that lasts for hundreds of years under the right conditions.

Bricks used in the early colonial years were probably exported from Holland. But it wasn't long that brick factories sprang up in Albany, New York and nearby Trenton, New Jersey, among other towns.

It seems everyone in New York is familiar with red brick most likely from Hudson River Valley brickmakers which flourished around the growth of New York City, but brick comes in many colors. The color depends on the area where the clay used is located. Modern brick colors range from tan to black. The advantages extend beyond aesthetic appeal, though. Some of the highlights include:

  • High Durability. Brick homes or walls are able to withstand high pressure from winds and force along with heat from fire.
  • Add value. Brick homes generally command a higher listing price of about 5% when compared to homes built of other materials because of durability, practicality and classic good looks.
  • Low maintenance. Brick does not need painting nor will it rot in wetter climates or be affected by termites. It rarely dents or chips.
  • Energy Efficient. Maintains heat in the winter and cools fast in the summer due to the exceptional thermal mass of brick.
  • Lessens Insurance. The strength and durability of a brick home allow for a lower insurance cost than other home-building materials. Check with your insurance agent to see if your policy is giving you the best price.
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