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At Shunato Karate And Fitness Center, Martial Arts Are For Everyone

By S. Mathur

From grandmothers to six year olds to police officers, martial arts has something to offer everyone.

"Whether it's a karate class, self-defense seminar or fitness kickboxing, martial arts provide so many benefits to participants," Master Kato Peragine of Shunato Karate And Fitness Center in Baldwin, NY said. "In addition to offering a great way to exercise, karate improves focus and concentration in students of all ages while teaching self-defense techniques that can prevent bullying or possibly save your life. It's our belief that each student is an individual and one size does not fit all."

This is why the school works hard to help each person achieve their own personal best in mind, body and spirit.

"A retired grandmother who is coming to kickboxing class is probably not looking to accomplish the same things as a six-year-old beginner karate student, just as a police officer taking self-defense seminars is not focused on the same goals as a teenager about to test for their Black Belt," Master Kato said. "All are welcome, and all are given superior training to meet their goals."

Master Kato correctly estimates that it can all be overwhelming to the beginner.

"Martial arts can be intimidating to anyone who hasn't spent time in a dojo," he said. "We say things in Japanese, there are strange-appearing customs, odd uniforms and belts of all kinds of colors, which must signify something, right? I say, don't worry about that. We will teach you everything you need to know."

There's no right or wrong age to begin martial arts, and the school welcomes students of all ages from six to 70. The atmosphere is inclusive, diverse and family-friendly. Shunato has been named School of the Year and Master Kato Instructor of the Year by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Master Kato himself is a 7th Degree Black Belt, Shotokan. He trained under Master Toyotaro Miyazaki at the Tokutai Dojo in Flushing. He has won championship titles in Kata, Kumite, Weapons and Breaking and is a Certified COBRA Self Defense Instructor.

Master Kato has over 40 years of teaching experience and believes that the most important qualities for a beginner are an open mind and a willingness to learn. At Shunato, the emphasis is on effort and sportsmanship, but the competition team, known as the Strike Team, has also won numerous Grand Champion and 1st Place Awards. The school supports many local charities and fundraisers local school districts. It also offers free self-defense seminars at local elementary and middle schools.

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