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Atmananda Yoga Sequence Follows Breath And Movement

By S. Mathur

Sarah Giordano is General Manger of the Atmananda Yoga studio in Manhattan, NY, but her connection to yoga is much more than administrative. In fact, she feels that it has transformed her life.

"Yoga has led me to discover a deeper awareness of my mind, my body, and my spirituality," she said. That's the impact that the studio's Vinyasa yoga practice has on many members.

The founder of the Atmananda Yoga Sequence, Jhon Tamayo, intended for students to create their own personal practice by connecting to the body and breath.

"Vinyasa Flow is a blend of several traditional styles of yoga such as hatha, iyengar, ashtanga, or even kundalini to appeal to the modern practitioner," Giordano said. "Vinyasa connects us to the breath in movement. As a result the body, mind and spirit are taken on a journey during a vinyasa class that allows the practitioner to completely disconnect from daily activities of the mind and become absorbed in the breath and the movement."

Inhaling and exhaling create a dance within the body, she explains. Following the direction of each breath and its movement create awareness.

"Connect to the breath, listen to the sounds of the breath, feel the physicality of the breath, taste the breath," she said. "Let everything else become secondary to breathing. This fundamental part of life gets lost in our busy lives and when students first come into yoga practice this is the best place to start."

Giordano's advice to beginners is to practice, at least two or three times a week. This allows the body to get used to the poses and breathing exercises. The sequence is designed to open the body safely and fully. It is composed of seven groups of asanas or poses. These include standing and balancing poses, forward and back bends and inversions, as well as spinal twists and seated poses. The sequence is taught around the world including countries like Japan, Dubai, China, Germany, Sweden, Colombia, as well as the US.

The studio also has a specially designed mat which helps people hold poses correctly. Atmananda Yoga Sequence has locations in New York City and Miami. All locations offer the 200 and 300 hour teacher training programs which use the immersion method.

Newcomers quickly discover that while the poses look intimidating, the studio has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They describe the sense of community as spirited, organic, diverse and genuine, and as an oasis in the concrete jungle. As well as physical well being, the practice provides opportunities for spiritual, emotional and psychological wellness. Most members agree with Giordano that the Atmananda Yoga Sequnce is a life changing practice.

The studio can be found at 112 E 23rd Street Suite 200 and can be contacted via phone and email at (212) 625-1511 & nycmanager@atmananda.com.

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