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Bon Appetit at Bistro Petit: French Cuisine Meet Korean Flavors

By Thilini Cate

Nestled on the south side of Brooklyn, New York is a charming little bistro that defies the norm. Marked by innovation, simplicity, and bold flavors, Bistro Petit is spearheaded by Executive Chef Sung Park, who brings Korean flair to French fare.

"I never want to be famous or rich, but enjoy my life by always doing new things," says the 3rd generation South Korean chef. Driven by this passion for novelty, his decision to pursue inventive cuisine came with his first taste of the French delicacy Foie Gras au Torchon at a social gathering. "It melted in my mouth, this totally new flavor? I told my friend, I have to make this food!"

The creative fusion of French and Korean cuisine gives a bold and ambitious dynamic to each bite. Chef Park affirms that such flavors come from trusting his intuition: "Being born and raised in Korea, I add my own influence and special flavors and Korean spices to French cooking." The menu offers a variety of unique dishes for every palate, from salads and appetizers to fish and meat, concluding with dessert. We asked Park what to order for a first visit: "If it's your first time at Bistro Petit, don't miss out on the Kimchi Bouliabaise (our fishermen stew) or our Korean Beef Bourgingnon. For appetizers, the Foie Gras or Watermelon Salad are both everyone's favorite," he says. For dessert, Park recommends a made-to-order Cinnamon Beignet with the house Espresso Gelato.

Park's presentation is an immaculate display of visually appealing colors and textures. He attributes this "beautifully simple" aesthetic to the minimalist nature of typical French cuisine, in which each dish is diligently prepared to achieve the desired quality of presentation.

And the experience itself is a cozy one: Bistrot Petit only has ten seats. Diners sit at a counter, watch their food being prepared, and chat with the chef. You can even bring your own wine, with a $10 corkage fee.

So what do customers say about Bistro Petit? "10 seats. Self-service. BYO. Food to die for." sums up one. "All our dishes were 'lick the plate' clean" says another. And this native New Yorker stated it best. "Bistro Petit is the sort of place I wish I had downstairs from my apartment. Tiny, homey, run by a chef and his staff that truly want to make you happy with food, and are succeeding admirably."

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