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Michael J. Palladino: Extracting Art From My Mind and Soul

By Thilini Cate

"I have created an area in my life that I cannot enter into except for while creating art" says Brooklyn based artist Michael J. Palladino.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Palladino created his first artistic work in 1972 and received his Master's Degree in Interior Design and Fine Arts from NYIT in 1977. After graduation, he began work as a draftsman in architectural firms, which lead to positions as project manager and, for the past 25 years, construction estimator. Although this part of his life has veered away from design and towards construction, it is in front of a canvas that he is most at home.

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, imprinted with abstract expressionism, and illuminated through emotive action, Palladino's work includes an array of color, balance, and composition. Rooted in dynamics of color and composition, his pieces such as '50 Years Later' (above) and 'Wednesday' (below), reveal his conceptual creativity in using basic principles of the craft. He enjoys using a variety of styles and mediums, ranging from oils and pastels to watercolors and encaustic wax.

Having produced over 300 pieces to date, he says that, "I don't have any blank moments when I am workings on an art project. I always find it easy to find a subject matter to work on; it could be anything from life to death, politics or family. There is almost always some subject that will create emotions which will create art. Occasionally, I will paint a painting with no subject- just working color, balance and composition."

Palladino's week-long exhibition entitled Dream Inspired Art was presented at the Sharon Art Center in New Hampshire in 2013. He has been increasingly gaining momentum as an artist.

To find out more about Michael J. Palladino and view some more of his artwork, visit his website at www.michaeljpalladino.com.

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