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Burgers, Kale, and Quinoa: New American Fare at Randolph Brooklyn

By Jessica Metcalf

One of the newest restaurant trends is "New American Cooking," which is a modern take on classic dishes. At Randolph Brooklyn, Executive Chef Masterful Davis defines New American as: "a broad term. To us it means familiar American "melting pot" type food made with creative twists, enhanced flavors or a new focus on premium ingredients and execution- it's flexible, merges creativity with familiarity and most importantly, it's what the consuming public is into right now."

Walking into Randolph Brooklyn is like taking a step back in time. The dimly-lit but retro style of the restaurant is reminiscent of late night burger runs- but the Randolph Brooklyn menu is nothing so simple as a diner. Randolph mixes simple fair with an elegant twist and serves up delicious food with fresh, uncomplicated ingredients.

A Zagat blog described the signature burger- the most popular item on the menu- as "so tasty that we can imagine this becoming the city's next great bar burger," yet it's made with nothing more complicated than quality beef, salt and pepper.

Randolph Brooklyn is not just a burger bar, though. It offers vegetarian and even some vegan dishes to their customers. Randolph focuses on making dishes as healthy as possible because, as Davis says,"we think [healthy] food categories are where the most growth will come from in the future, and that's how it should be. We are able to offer healthy options while keeping them hearty and soul nourishing."

It speaks volumes that the second most popular item on the menu, after the signature burger, is the Warm Grain and Kale Salad. Made with a mixture of red quinoa, bulgur wheat, brown rice, charred tomatoes, mushrooms, asparagus and with the option to add either chicken or shrimp, the Grain and Kale salad is a fan favorite, Davis believes, because,"it's hearty, delicious, simple but interesting."

All-in-all, Davis is proud of what he and his team have accomplished at Randolph Brooklyn. He sees his team as progressive because, "we're not just a group of guys who opened up a pub and went straight for the deep fryer and the proteins." What they've created is a place you can visit with both no-nonsense meat-lovers and crunchy-granola vegans: everyone can find something on the menu.

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