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Choosing the Right Art for Your Home: An Interview with Susan Grissom of The Lionheart Gallery

By Susan Grissom

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are a contemporary art gallery in a rural area in the Hudson Valley that has been called a "Chelsea New York gallery in the country". We are only an hour outside of NY city and border Stamford and New Canaan, CT.

We have artists from many different geographical areas in the country. We have alternative process photography, abstract and atmospheric paintings as well as very textural works that incorporate invasive materials. We carry many different kinds of printmaking in Works on Paper. We also have a strong focus on figurative works on paper and in paintings, and small to medium sculpture. We also offer art consulting services.

Why do people buy artwork for their homes? Please discuss the common reasons.

I think the main reason is that it makes a room feel complete and gives the room a focus. A painting can give a room texture, color, and sometimes humor or an interesting element that has meaning for the homeowner. The artwork ties everything together and brings cohesion and is an important element in making a home feel like a home.

What are the most popular types of artwork most appropriate for the home?

Abstract and atmospheric paintings for the most part that give a room a feeling. The comment I hear most about one of our artist's, Claudia Mengel's paintings is that they make the house feel happy and joyous.

They typically want the artwork to evoke a feeling that they are comfortable living with and that they identify with. With photography it can be something that reminds them of their childhood like the subject matter of Jennifer Schlesinger's albumen prints.

Do you have any tips for homeowners on how they can choose the right artwork for their home?

I would go around to galleries and learn what kind of art you're attracted to and let your gallerist know what kinds of things you are looking for. I have a large coterie of artists that I can draw from beyond the current exhibits. A nice mix of paintings, works on paper and black and white photography would be a great mix for a home with small sculptural works.

What the basic steps involved when someone wants some art masterpieces rented/bought for use in decorating their home?

Work with a gallery that is a good fit for you, they will let you know about artworks that are coming in or are in their inventory and if you have a good relationship with the gallery you can see the best art before other buyers once they understand you taste.

What advice would you give to people who really want some artwork in their home decor but do not have the budget they think they need?

I have many price ranges in the gallery for that reason. Works on paper are more affordable than paintings typically and photography can add such a wonderful element. I have buyers who only have black and white photography in their home. Keep an eye out for art centers when they have student shows, you can find good pieces there.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

We can be contacted though the gallery website www.thelionheartgallery.com contact page or by email thelionheart.gallery@gail.com or telephone 914-764-8689. We ship artwork all over the country.

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