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Dear One Studio Tells Love Stories Through Photography

By Marina I. Jokic

Landon Lee isn't just an event photographer; he specifically shoots weddings and engagements and has more than eight years of professional experience in the field. Discovering beauty in weddings is not particularly challenging, but showing the individuality of each wedding takes a special kind of skill set.

Lee, based in Brooklyn, is a talented photographer who is not afraid to think outside the box and experiment with bold lighting and color. For Lee, incorporating varied lighting, vibrant colors, and interesting textures can distinguish and enhance the image for the viewer.

"Our wedding party had such a fun time shooting with him," a particularly pleased client from California said. "Landon did an amazing job in capturing the emotion and feel of our wedding day."

The emotions of a wedding are sometimes difficult to translate to a photograph. However, over the years, Lee has perfected various techniques such as close-up shoots, using unconventional perspectives, introducing props, and playing with eye contact to generate more candid and humanistic photographs as opposed to the commonly stylized and stilted wedding images we are so used to seeing. Lee has a way of seamlessly capturing his subjects, weaving in and out of intimate moments and being at the right place at the right time.

For instance, using a lens with a long focal length attached to the camera allows Lee to get close up. Photographing a person's hands, eyes, or hands can make for a very creative photo. Sometimes, what is withheld from an image or partially shown can be more interesting to the viewer's imagination. A bride and groom's intertwined hands as the focal point of a photo can be quite powerful in conveying a message of love or unity.

Lee's decision to become a photographer came quite naturally to him. Even during his school days, he always found himself with camera in tow looking for good photo opportunities wherever he was. Taking photos of friends and family at first, Lee realized that he loved working with people, documenting their lives, and creating unique images in the process.

"[Most of all, I enjoy sharing] great pics with people," Lee said. "I'm so happy [when I am shooting photos], this is why I [decided to become a professional wedding photographer]."

He admits his work is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile to see people content with their photographs.

For more visit dear-one.com.

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