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Five Great Towns for Renters in Suffolk County

By Tiffany Raiford

Suffolk County is the fourth largest county in the State of New York. This area is located in the Nassau County area of the state, which is often referred to as Long Island. This area is home to a lot of water. It's surrounded by water on three sides. The Long Island Sound and Atlantic Ocean make this a great area to live. You're never too far from the water, beautiful views and picturesque houses; even if you're just renting for the summer or until you decide to build or buy.

Shelter Island

This is the perfect place for renters looking for some isolation and privacy. With less than 2500 residents on the island, it's isolated from the rest of Suffolk County. It's surrounded by water on all sides and can only be reached via New York State Route 114 or by ferry from North Haven or Greenport. With large, stately homes nestled close to the water, this is a great retirement community or area to rent while you work on the novel. There's not much in terms of transportation or schools in the area, but there are plenty of little shops, restaurants and stores to keep your house stocked. It's also one of the most peaceful places to live.


During the winter, Southampton is a great place to rent because there are very few tourists in the area. However, during the summer it's almost impossible to find a rental thanks to the fact that it's such a popular tourist destination. However, if you can find a rental home well in advance, this area is going to make the perfect area to rent. There are high-end, upscale shops, restaurants and boutiques all over the area. The beaches are lovely and the best way to get around is on your bike. It's the kind of place you rent to visit and enjoy a leisurely lifestyle without much worry.

East Hampton

If you want to rent here, start looking and booking well in advance. East Hampton is the summer playground for the country's wealthiest residents. If they don't own a home here, they're renting one of the massive mansions along the beach for a summer of fun in the sun. If you're looking to rent here, it's because you have no other plans than to host elegant parties and lay on the beach. It's a great place to rent because the homes here are so expensive. Renting gives you access to the best restaurants, shops and social events in the area without the high cost of living.


What makes this area so great for renters is the fact that it's not the popular tourist destination that so many Suffolk County areas are. It is popular, and it is large, but most people who rent here are not summer residents. They are looking for a place to live year-round. This makes it much easier to find a lovely, smaller home in a community of similar homes. The residents are friendly, but keep to themselves more often than not. The downtown area features plenty to do, and it's close enough to the city that you can hop on the road and be there in a few hours. There are also plenty of good schools in the area, in case you have children who need an education.


This is a largely populated city in Suffolk County, with more than 330,000 residents. This is a great place to rent if you're looking to enroll your children in good schools and work for one of the major businesses in the downtown area. There are many restaurants, shops, parks and beaches in the area. The neighborhoods are more established and modest, but they're lovely nonetheless. It's a great place to rent if you're looking for a little excitement and a little privacy all in one.

Suffolk County is a great place to rent if you're looking for something very specific; as people usually are when renting in this area. You can find yourself a rental in the hub of the stylish summers or an isolated home perfect for peace and quiet depending on where you want to go and when you want to be in the area.

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