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Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With Bugged Out

By Keith Donaldson

Bed bugs are a menace. They will infest everything and make your life a nightmare. Luckily for the folks of Long Island there is Bugged Out to help rid you of that pest once and for all. President of the company, Suleny McGowan, took some time to answer our questions.

What are some health consequences of a bed bug infestation? How would a person know if he or she is contending with a bed bug problem?

Bed bugs pose very few health consequences and none relate to carrying any known diseases or viruses. Some health effects a bed bug infestation can impose are skin-rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Although bed bug bites usually do not leave permanent scarring, in some rare cases they may cause permanent marks or blisters.

There are four tell-tale signs that a person may have a bed bug issue: 1) Rusty or reddish stains that you may find on bed sheets or mattress, which is caused by crushing bed bugs in your sleep. 2) Pungent, dark black stains; which resembles pen ink, which you can find on your bedding linens or mattress itself. This marking is bed bug excrement and poses no health risk. 3) Bed bug eggs or skin. These two signs are VERY hard sight with an untrained eye. Their eggs are very tiny (1 mm in size), almost translucent in color and house all bed bug nymphs (babies). Bed bug skin is found when bed bug nymphs are shedding their exoskeleton and growing to larger nymph stages. Bed bug nymphs will molt out of their skin which is usually sand yellow in color. 4) Clearly, the most obvious signs of bed bugs are live bed bugs themselves. They are oval in shape, burgundy in color and have very distinct line that stretch entirely across their back in a diagonal direction.

What separates your business from competitors?

We are a family-owned and operated NYC pest control company. We provide unique and unmatched pest control solutions and employ highly qualified and certified technicians that utilize safe and environmental friendly approaches in every situation. Bugged Out Pest over the years have implemented three different control divisions that deal with specific pests. We have a Bed Bug Division, General Pest Control Division and a Commercial Division. Our bed bug division focuses solely on the elimination and removal of bed bugs. The general pest control division focuses on the elimination and removal of cockroaches, rodents and any other household pest. As for our commercial division their sole focus is to maintain consistent service to restaurants, bars, clubs and any other commercial type of establishment. Our technicians sole focus is on their division pests and nothing more.

What else would you like to convey to the public what you do? Why should potential clients deal with pest control experts such as yourself?

We are a digital company (paperless) which enables us to communicate more effectively and efficiently by providing in-depth details, on-site verification, photos, technician bios and best of all every customer receives their own account portal, where they can pay their invoices, read old reports and view old pest activity and trends.

Make sure you hire a professional company like ours due to the laws and regulations that MUST be followed when applying chemicals and rodenticides, remember these items are designed to kill pests and can surely kill a human if not applied properly. Handling a pest issue on your own by way of DYI methods are a waste of time and money, as well making your situation worse then it's original state. When hiring a professional company like ours, you will receive high quality and effective methods by a licensed applicator that will properly rid your home or place of business of pests.

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