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Go to the Waffle Cabin To Start Your Day Right

By Jake Levin

One bite, everybody knows the rules.

If you adhered to that logic, you'd no doubt score your waffle from the Waffle Cabin a perfect 10. Yet you'd be doing yourself a disservice, because no two bites are exactly the same, according to managing partner Vanessa Ingrao.

"One bite is a little bit sweeter and another bite can be a little less sweet," Ingrao explained. "This is what makes the taste of a Waffle Cabin waffle so unique."

The Liege-style waffles are constructed with yeast dough rather than batter, and are spotted with large bits of sugar. The pearl sugar beet is a hard nib sugar, Ingrao said, which is imported from across the pond in Europe. Once the sugar melts, it creates sweet pockets of deliciousness.

"If you have a product or dessert that's very uniform in taste with every bite, it's actually less pleasant than when you have something that has a little bit of change throughout," Ingrao said.

The Waffle Cabin can trace its origins back to the World's Fair in 1964, but it wasn't until 1999 that Belgian nationals Peter Creyf and Ingrid Heyrman opened their version. From a simple pushcart in Quincy Market to 47 locations across the country, Waffle Cabin has become a ski resort delicacy headquartered in Rutland, Vt.

But you don't have to hit the slopes to satisfy your taste buds. The first brick to mortar walk-up window is located in Long Beach, N.Y., far away from the mountain chills, and a second location is set to go up in Brooklyn.

"We are very excited, as this store will be the very first dine-in location within the franchise," Ingrao said of the Brooklyn store. "The success of our business really comes down to the loyal clientele that come time after time buying our signature waffles in the purest form hot out of the iron and into their hands."

Ingrao added that no toppings are necessary for the hand-crafted treats, but if you want to sprinkle on even more flair, she won't dissuade you.

"We do have a selection if you want to get artsy!" she said excitedly.

Wholesale, catering and events are working their way into the business, which puts a smile on Ingrao's face. The events are taking off, she said.

"With brilliant talent that we've added to our team here in Long Beach and that we are excited to bring to the Brooklyn location, we are beginning to accept more and more parties, caterings, and even the thought of partnerships with other businesses, too," she said.

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