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Handling Legal Matters with Your Homeowners Association: An Interview with Jose Polanco of The Law Office of Jose Polanco

By Jose Polanco

Tell us a little bit about your firm and the areas of law that you practice.

The Law Office of Jose A. Polanco, PC is a boutique law firm handling all transactional and litigation cases related to personal injury, family law, bankruptcy, real estate, wills and estates and other matters.

What's the first thing that a new homeowner should know about being part of a homeowners association?

A Homeowner's Association is a group of homeowners who are united with similar real estate interests. Owners are bound by maintaining these interests and for that the association is formed to collect a fee and then to provide the service.

What are the most common legal matters that you've seen arise with homeowners associations in New York?

A homeowner considering purchasing a property with a Homeowner's Association should first look to see the makeup of the association and how are they governed. Because a poorly run association will result in covering expenses and/or costs for other owners or even worse result in seizing to function and become inactive.

When should a homeowner who is having problems with their HOA consult a lawyer?

A homeowner experiencing problems should consult an attorney immediately to see if the damages can be minimized. The homeowner can also seek to sell the property and leave the association if they become frustrated or unhappy with the way the association is being governed.

Is there a law in New York about HOAs that most people don't know about that they should know?

A Homeowner's Association is governed by its bylaws but whether the members abide by the rules set out in the bylaws is of utmost importance.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your firm?

We welcome you to visit our office during office hours or visit our office on the internet or become a fan of our page on facebook and other social media.

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