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Home Inspectors: The Most Common Issues: An Interview with Ryan Mackridge of Hands on Home Inspections LLC

By Ryan Mackridge

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Hands On Home Inspections was founded in 2006. After years of being in the building industry (from home renovations to mold removal) I got into building inspections focusing mainly on the environmental sector; namely asbestos, lead paint, and mold. Progressing into home inspections seemed like the best choice.

What are a few of your biggest concerns when it comes to safety within a house?

I focus on 2 areas during the course of my inspections, i.e., safety concerns and structural integrity. That's not to say that everything else in my reports is to be ignored, but these two areas should be the focal point of every inspector and should be the first areas of repair.

What safety and inspection violations do you see most often in home inspections?

Almost every home is in violation of local codes and laws if we take current industry standards into consideration. But that's not the reason I, as a home inspector, am there. I am not a code enforcer and I have to remember that as I go through the home. Having said that, however, I try to keep up with current standards and relay that information to my clients in the position of a "home inspector." The most common violations I find in the homes that I inspect are electrical based. A brand-new $560,000 turnkey home I recently inspected had electrical issues, which I strongly urged to have an electrician repair.

What steps can homeowners take to resolve this issues?

I encourage every homeowner to have their homes inspected. Even if they've lived in it for years! The average homeowner doesn't know what safety issues they could be living with and a home inspection can point all of these areas out. All issues that I find are referred to professionals for repair. Especially roofing and electrical repairs (the last thing I want is a homeowner falling off of a roof or getting electrocuted!)

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

The best way for somebody to get in touch with me is through e-mail: info@handsoninspection.com. I turn my phone off during the inspections out of professional courtesy for my client. This also allows me to focus on the inspection instead of planning for the next one.

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