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How to Choose the Right Contractor: An Interview with Rinaldo Iona of Iona Management

By Rinaldo Iona

Please tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Iona Management & Maintenance Corp. is all about flexibility, innovation and above all, results. Our team of experienced contractors and dynamic designers will focus on your precise wishes to deliver cost-effective solutions to any project.

At Iona Management & Maintenance Corp., we believe that your project should be kept as simple and straightforward as possible, regardless how complex the task may seem. We try to avoid subcontractors and outsourcing wherever possible.

We offer a broad range of services, including:

  • Construction Managers
  • General Contractors
  • Custom Homes
  • Carpentry
  • Millwork
  • Renovations & Extensions
  • Bath & Kitchen Remodeling
  • Commercial facilities maintenance
  • and more.

Whether it's a dream house or corporate real estate, Iona M & M Corp. has the skill, expertise and talent to exceed your expectations. Trust us to build your financial success! Serving New York City, Queens, and Long Island.

Can you briefly explain how referral service works for contractors?

As a general contractor, we are constantly hiring sub-contractors. Through many years of experience, I have learned to see the flaws in contractors and spot out the few who really take pride in their work. Residential and Commercial are two different worlds in the construction business, but the integrity and responsibility of a good contractor will only speak through their completed work. We always encourage clients to meet with their contractors in person, and, when possible, to pay actual visits to previous and current work sites.

What are some of the best questions for people to ask before hiring a contractor?

The analysis should be based on five major factors: the contractor's years of experience, specifics of the type of service the company provides, previous customer recommendations, availability and schedule, and most importantly a client should have a set budget of what they are expecting to spend on a contractor.

How can people judge the quality and reliability of a residential contractor they don't know?

It's hard for me to answer that question, because I have never encountered trust issues with any of our clients. We usually stick with clients that have been already assured about our quality workmanship from previous clients or professional architect and designers. I recommend for people to ask for reviews from past clients, architects and designers whom have already worked with the contractor.

Is there generally any type of guarantee or warranty associated with a contractor's work?

We guarantee our General Contractor work for 12 months after completion. We work tirelessly on getting additional warranty on specific products directly from the manufacturer, when the customer qualifies.

What advice would you give people in Long Island who need to have work done on their home as soon as possible?

We believe at IONA it is imperative to have a clear idea of the service you are requesting from the contractor. In most cases homeowners and business owners think that avoiding an architect or designer will save them money. On the contrary, not consulting with architects and designers makes the job less cost efficient; as the lack of knowledge and information on styles and specific finish products will affect the course and progress of a project. To ensure a project is seamless and completed successfully, we encourage the client to educate themselves as thoroughly as possible before starting the project./p>

What's the best way for people to contact your company?

We love to hear from our customer at 516.472.2665, and since we are a paperless Green company, we encourage all our clients and vendors to email us any info, questions, pictures and architectural plans at info@ionamm.com./p>

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