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Kore Pilates Has Your Back

By Elisha Neubauer

When it comes to the residents of Ridgewood, New York, Kore Pilates has your back. The company was founded with one concept: to provide a pain-free movement experience that meets and exceeds all client expectations.

The studio strives to cater to everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level. Their client roster sees everyone from post-rehab clients, sports enthusiasts, and students to Pilates nerds, stay-at-home moms, teachers, and police officers. As their client range is so varied, so too is their staff, which currently consists of five instructors with diverse backgrounds. All five instructors are certified Polestar Pilates instructors. Two of Kore Pilates' instructors are licensed Physical Therapist Assistants (PTA) and two are currently enrolled in college for Physical Therapy.

"We want to treat the whole person, and make working out fun, affordable, and beneficial to all," Josephine McErlean, owner of Kore Pilates and a licensed PTA, said.

According to McErlean, practicing Pilates on a regular basis helps to address everyday common problems, such as slouching, text neck, and lower back pain. A regular routine with Kore Pilates can actually reduce, and in many cases, eliminate these aches and pains completely. Clients can see changes almost immediately in their balance, strength, and coordination.

"A body that is taught to move efficiently will move better, with less effort," McErlean said. "A Pilates' body works smarter, not harder."

The practice of Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates as a way to focus on breath being life, his personal belief. He created his Pilates routine in order to blend the idea of breathwork and movement working together.

"Pilates also focuses on the breath, and to improve breathwork while moving," McErlean said.

At Kore Pilates, several workshops are available to clients looking to extend their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Offerings include classes like a Runity workshop and Polestar Comprehensive Teacher Training. When it comes to undergoing teacher training, McErlean and the entire Kore Pilates team had a few pointers.

"Find a studio and an instructor that makes you feel both challenged and comfortable," McErlean said.

She explained that every studio has a different 'feel' or atmosphere. She suggested that it may take trying out several studios or instructors to really find the right fit.

"There is no single 'right way' to teach or practice Pilates, and there are several different methods of education that instructors choose to practice within," she said.

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