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Make Chocolate, Not War with Brooklyn's JoMart Chocolates

By Elisha Neubauer

Chocolate is sweet, but even sweeter when it comes with an amazing back-story. That's just what you get with JoMart Chocolates, whose incredible story dates back to the end of World War II.

It was the end of the War, and the world was beginning to pick up the pieces, trying to move on. Recent war vet Martin was fresh from the battlefield and rearing to get his own life back on track now that he had reverted to civilian life. Martin had worked closely with Father, Julius, who had been operating a chocolate factory in Brooklyn. Working alongside Martin in the factory had been his cousin Joe. Given that the two were familiar with the product, they decided to go into business together; and in 1946, they launched JoMart Chocolates

"Their mission was timely, now that the war is over, families will be able to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other milestone events," explains Michael Rogak, now owner of JoMart Chocolates. "Help them make the occasion a bit sweeter." While bringing joy back to the community was the main goal of JoMart, the two also set out to make a higher quality product than what was currently available.

JoMart started out as just Joe and Martin, but before long, their grandfather Julius joined the team.( Shortly after, Rogak became part of the family business. "I started working part-time at a very young age (around 9)," he says. "In 1975, I joined the company full time."

Chocolate runs in the very blood of this impressive family, and the success of the family business shows exactly how passionate and devoted to the product they are. Even after all these years, they are still one of the highest quality chocolatiers in the market which has come as a surprise to some, and not such a surprise to others.

JoMart has been located on Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn, New York since day one, and despite many ups and downs in the economy since its inception, it has remained steady, celebrating each and every special occasion with the neighboring families. During their first year, they were surrounded by six well-known confectioners and numerous other shops hustling candies, fruits, and nuts from their doors. Now, seventy years later, they're still standing; having watched the others disappear into Franklin Avenue history.

So what is it? What kept JoMart standing tall while many others found they couldn't hack it?

Simple. "They would make it fresher and better than all of them," responds Rogak. "Years have passed and those other shops are long gone, but our mission hasn't changed. I am using the same stove and copper kettles to make fresh chocolates and confections."

For those interested in getting your hands a bit chocolaty, JoMart Chocolates is now sharing their love and knowledge of the industry with those who want to learn. "We offer recreational chocolate workshops for beginners," Rogak says. "We also do private workshops for those that are considering entering the chocolate business."

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