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Mang'Oh Creates A Community That Never Judges And Always Supports

By Paul Rowe

Manhattan yoga studio Mang'Oh aims to create an oasis in that city that allows people to reach their optimal physical and spiritual wellbeing. Through yoga, Mang'Oh co-owner and creative director Erica Whalen has learned to find more contentment and gratitude in her everyday life. Now, she seeks to share that contentment with the people of the city she feels so passionately about.

"The yoga practice has given me toolbox of techniques and ideas to navigate all of life's challenges with a balanced, peaceful approach," Whalen said. "As a teacher and studio owner, I have the great honor of witnessing how powerful the practice can be for so many people, both on and off of the mat."

Throughout her journey into the pleasure and promise of yoga, Whalen became fully aware of the fact that yoga is a powerful contemplative practice. Whalen learned from the Yoga Sutras that the purpose of yoga is to "quiet the chatter of the mind." For folks living in a place as bustling as Manhattan, a welcoming oasis from all this chatter is certainly needed.

"Yoga creates a sense of ease and wellbeing in the body through increased strength, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness," Whalen said. "By combining meditation techniques, breath work, and physical movement, we are training our minds to quiet down and find relaxation in the present moment."

For New York residents thinking about diving into yoga to reap its many physical and spiritual benefits, Whalen encourages them to simply relax and enjoy the process. Whalen claims that yoga postures are designed to take people on a journey of self-acceptance and exploration.

"Yoga is not about perfection: that's why we call it a 'practice' instead of a 'performance,'" Whalen said. "Give yourself permission to take risks, take a tumble, surprise yourself, let go, and laugh along the way."

For folks seeking to surprise themselves with their ability to achieve new physical and spiritual heights, Mang'Oh offers a thirty day trial of unlimited yoga and the rewarding opportunity to discover everything the studio has to offer for a mere $45.

Mang'Oh offers many workshops such as "Deep Yin & Essential Oils: Cool it Down," where yoga professionals Susan and Brandi lead folks through deep yin poses and essential oil pairings that residents down during warmer summer weather and release heat in the body, keeping people cool and collected even during the most unbearable scorchers.

For newcomers, Mang'Oh offers a "Back to Basics: Beginners Series" providing valuable introductory knowledge that everyone needs to get their practice started, or deepen their existing practice. This series focuses on asana and alignment, a breakdown of yoga postures, a rundown on yoga philosophy and history to unveil yoga's deeper meaning and apply it in practice, and meditation and Pranayama, providing an intimate look at the deeper practices of meditation and breath work.

Upon completion of these workshops, yoga lovers in New York feel confident, engaged, and fully ready to experience the enduring benefits of a lifelong journey through yoga.

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