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Mint Juicery and Yoga Transforms Lives In Countless Ways In Queens, New York

By Paul Rowe

The flavor of Queens will never be the same. Since Mint Juicery and Yoga opened its doors, Queens residents have indulged in a variety of innovative goodies ranging from Vietnam inspired Avocado Coffeeto Christopher Harrison's AntiGravity Fitness. Owner Kammy Fung has forever shaped food and health culture in Queens.

"Instead of taking supplement, our drinks can be your daily supplement," Fung said. "A wide variety of fruit and or vegetables in your drink can help you maintain your health. Our special drink menu is specially tailored for your busy lifestyle, eliminating the need for extra supplements."

The drink menu at Mint Juicery is strikingly tantalizing. From the Cocobana, a mouthwatering mixture of banana, walnut, coconut, yogurt, and coconut flakes, to the Ruby, a delectable combination of ginger, lemon, apple, and beets, these drinks are equally rejuvenating and palatable.

Often, people don't receive the nutrition they need from the food they devour. The menu at Mint Juicery is full of healthy options with a strong balance of carbohydrates, fiber, healthy fat, minerals, probiotics, and superfoods that enhances physical health and energizes lives. Mint Juicery aims to decrease the body's chronic inflammation by minimizing insulin spike, reducing the risk of conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

"Non-dairy yogurt like coconut yogurt and nut or seed milk is used. Nuts are sprouted to make them more nutritional," Fung. "Instead of only putting juice in our drinks, we blend some fruits or vegetables into our drinks to supplement fibers, a precursor to probiotics, and produces steady blood sugar levels."

Working in the pharmaceutical field for over 20 years, Fung has witnessed people's dependency on prescription drugs that are often designed to maintain one's condition rather than heal it. At Mint Juicery, Fung and company aim to introduce their students and customers to fresh ways of conscious eating. Touting certificates in natural cooking, raw food diet, and food therapy, Fung has imparted her knowledge of healthy edible alternatives to her exceptional staff at Mint Juicery.

While Mint Juicery is known for its juice, it is perhaps just as famous for its yoga studio. The supportive, intimate environment at the studio brings joy into the lives of Queens residents on a daily basis. Yoga heals the body, but also the mind. At Mint Juicery Yoga studio, beginner friendly Tibetan sound bowl meditation uses sound as a media to begin restorative meditation that soothes the soul. The most important part of all is having fun and feeling like one has experienced a workout without actually working out.

"Yoga makes me more conscious about what is happening in my life. It brings me joy and connects with me with family and friends," Fung said. "Yoga strengthens me physically and mentally, and infuses me with position energy and the quiet mind needed to deal with all sorts of situations in my life."

Like drinking a healthy, refreshing, natural juice, yoga is a lifestyle choice one makes to improve physical movement and mental functioning. Both of these lifestyle choices are encouraged at Mint Juicery and Yoga, making lives more meaningful and fruitful every day.

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