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Reach Your Highest Potential at CrossFit Strong Island

By Marina I. Jokic

CrossFit Strong Island offers comprehensive fitness classes that are based on the functional movements we perform in our everyday lives. Leaning on gymnastics, running, and weight lifting as well as other popular sports for inspiration, CrossFit workouts are energizing and fun. By employing a constantly varied approach to training, these seemingly basic movements performed at a high intensity lead to dramatic gains in fitness.

Located in Merrick, New York, CrossFit Strong Island welcomes people of all fitness levels and physical abilities. Workouts can be both modulated to fit the individual abilities of a beginner or dialed up to meet the goals of the most experienced athlete. Modifications can be implemented to accommodate chronic pain and certain injuries. For instance, if someone is unable to perform a pull-up, instructors at CrossFit allow students to use a resistance band or to do a jumping pull-up.

"CrossFit training tends to be a bit more hands on than classes at a traditional gym," the studio's owner Richard Rubin said. "Our members aren't anonymous [customers who] scan in, work out, and leave; [instead,] they quickly become part of our community."

The visible camaraderie at the CrossFit facility is one of the main incentives for people to show up regularly to their classes. If you are a newbie, you can try out the studio by first filling out their questionnaire, indicating your goals, and listing any physical limitation. The Foundations Program is the most suitable place to get your footing. Essentially, the program consists of four classes designed to educate you about foundational movements. Other options include high intensity interval training, an advanced competitor's class that teaches handstand push-ups and pull-ups, and an endurance class dedicated to improving stamina and performance.

At most other CrossFit facilities, private and group lessons make up the bulk programming. At CrossFit Strong Island, Rubin has integrated nutritional coaching for a more complete program.

"All the hard work we do in the gym can be easily outweighed by what we do outside of the gym in [our] kitchen or at a restaurant," Rubin said. "We offer individualized nutrition programs to help our members reach their fitness and weight loss goals [and avoid common pitfalls]."

At CrossFit Strong Island, you won't feel like you are forcing yourself to go to the gym and undergo drudgery. Instead, you will get to meet new friends, socialize, and work out together. You will be part of a close-knit group that has your back. Instructors are vested in the success of their students and are fulfilled by seeing them lead healthier lives.

"We see members who have never ran before doing half and full marathons," Rubin said. "We see people who never considered themselves athletes signing up for CrossFit competitions [so] it is inspiring to know [we] provided something that opened up a whole new life [for them]."

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