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The Nova Sanctuary Is A Sanctuary for the Creative Minds

By Elisha Neubauer

Located in the beautiful town of Oceanside, New York is a place filled with serenity, peace, and healing energies. Created with one thought in mind, to give back to others, The Nova Sanctuary is a place for people to connect, grow, and learn as a community. The space uses art to push the bounds of creativity, allowing visitors to learn varied and unique ways to express themselves freely and easily.

The Nova Sanctuary offers a safe space for everyone in need of a little help. The facility offers a weekly gathering called Refuge Recovery, a non-theistic, Buddhist-inspired approach to recovery for addicts of every form. The process includes peer-led meetings, guided meditations, readings, and group sharing.

Other group activities include the Sacred Women's Circle, Tea Meditation, Oil Painting Series, and Sip & Paints.

As for wellness activities, The Nova Sanctuary offers a wide range of practices, classes, and sessions designed to help improve wellness, both mentally and physically. Reiki, Life/Relationship Coaching, Young Living Raindrop Technique, Intuitive Tarot Reading, and Divine Connection Coaching are just a handful of options available through The Nova Sanctuary.

"Energy exists in all things," Jonathan Ciangiulli, co-founder, said. "When energy becomes stagnant, stuck, the body manifests dis-ease as any sickness under the sun therefore energy isn't just the cause of all dis-ease but the cure."

At The Nova Sanctuary, they teach you to accept and allow the flow of circumstances in your life, which opens you up to move the energy around. It is believed that resistance to life circumstances can cause blockages and lack of energy flow.

Jonathan Ciangiulli

"We need to constantly shift our view to see how everything looks," Ciangiulli said. "In seeing how I shift things around I feel it instills that same ability in my clients to really be fluid with their viewpoints. There is a time and a place to play in the branches and observe from all vantage points of the tree, but at the end of the day we need to get down to the roots."

Many courses available through The Nova Sanctuary are admitted by the instructor's discretion. Unlike other similar organizations, you cannot simply pay and enroll. The instructors select their students by readiness. While some of the programs are selected enrollment only, there are plenty of courses and programs available to the general public that will help prepare you for a healthier life, both mentally and physically, and will help set you up to enter the more advanced courses down the road.

As the company's website states, "Our vision is to create a ripple effect in these vital areas of life. Expanding. Creating. Growing. Giving."

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