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Timeless Interior Design Trends: An Interview with Paul Gleicher of Gleicher Design - Architecture & Interiors

By Paul Gleicher

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Gleicher Design was founded in 1989 with the express purpose of creating beautiful and livable homes for our clients. Our design philosophy is based on a simple principal, that being to LISTEN to our client's wishes. We fashion our projects to be tailor-made to the lifestyles and tastes of our clients. Paramount to our design is our focus on Scale, Light, Contrast, and Symmetry/Asymmetry. Each room should balance a 'monumental" scale and a "human" scale. Rooms with a monumental scale of 10 foot tall ceilings can be balanced with picture rails placed at a human scale of 7 feet above the floor for example.

Light varies in nature and artificial lighting should follow suit. Each room should have a variety of light sources including natural and artificial light and can be accomplished with chandeliers, table and floor lamps, and sconces placed throughout the room. Contrast creates interest in a room. Black and white photographs are successful only if you have black in them and white in them. If the photo is entirely gray then it is unsuccessful. Likewise with design. Lastly each room should balance symmetry with asymmetry. If a design is a slave to symmetry it can become stagnant.

What are some of the services your company provides?

We are a full-service boutique architecture and interior design firm. We are experts at designing new homes and renovating existing homes. We love to design everything from the entire home down to door knobs, mouldings, and tiles.

In addition, we provide interior design services including window treatments, furniture, fabric selections, custom millwork designs, etc. that result in a completely finished home for our clients. Furthermore, we are experts in "green" design as demonstrated by our LEED Accreditation, with a focus on creating healthy environments in which to live.

What are some design fads I should avoid if I want to remain trendy for years? More specifically, what are some functional design elements I can add to my bathroom or kitchen?

Kitchens have now become the main focus of a home. They should be warm, inviting, spacious, functional, and fun to spend time in. I love incorporating a large island into a kitchen as they act as a "buffer" between friends/guests and our clients. This way everyone can be in the kitchen and help out if they want to but also not interfere with the homeowner as they are preparing a meal. Master bathrooms have become a new sanctuary in the home where one can escape and relax. That can be accomplished with a beautiful whirlpool tub for two with self-purging air jets rather than mold inducing water jets or a large shower with a soft flowing ceiling-mounted rain head.

Do you believe that neutral colors are always the way to go if you want to remain timeless? What are some fun color options that will also be timeless?

It is so important that each room include the full spectrum of color in order for us to feel right. It does not need to be in equal proportions as a room can be predominantly white but you need to balance that by adding a little red or blue perhaps by means of a vase of flowers or a piece of artwork in order for the room to feel complete.

Do you agree that hardwood flooring is something that will never go out of style?

A hardwood floor has tremendous staying power both for its beauty and longevity as well as the fact that it comes from a naturally renewing resource. There are now some wonderful engineered wood floors that use only a portion of the amount of hardwood in traditional flooring but yet still provide the same longevity as a traditional wood floor.

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

Ideally a phone call to 212-462-2790 or an email to info@gleicherdesign.com.

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