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Tips on Advertising Your Apartment

Getting tenants interested in your property is an important way to make money as a landlord. Tenants vary in size, shape, color, gender, interests, beliefs, and socioeconomic positions. What they want, however, frequently falls into a couple of similar categories. The elements that renters are looking for will vary somewhat depending on their age brackets, needs, and their income levels but many of them fall into basic categories which are very much the same. These basic categories will dictate what you should emphasize, what you should deemphasize and what kind of tenants you can expect to have. Time to advertise!

Before getting further in, it's worth explaining what is meant by emphasize and deemphasize. None of this is meant to be a justification for lying to potential tenants. Moral (and legal) issues aside; its impractical. There are too many ways to advertise negative experiences for this to be a solid tactic and ultimately doing bad business just isn't useful. That said, there are good and bad elements to any advertised property and those elements will guide what you should highlight and avoid in your advertisements. First up is what to emphasize.

What to Emphasize

Emphasizing the positives of the space you're putting on the market is job one. Using features like square footage, free utilities and internet, number of bathrooms, access to kitchens and washer/dryer units, and the like can entice renters. People want features and space, no matter the age, gender or demographic they represent. The question is what kind of market they're in as far as price goes and how much they can reasonably expect to get based on their budgetary restrictions. Be honest about what you're offering, use pictures and effective descriptions, and play up every possible positive. Got an extra room that isn't well furnished? Advertise it as a storage room or as extra space to be used at their discretion. Much of this will be dictated by what you're offering and what market you're looking to advertise to. Talk to friends and relatives who are renters or looking for places, have them come and look at the space you're thinking of advertising to help add to your list of things to emphasize. Use the most positive language possible but don't mislead potential renters. The line is fine, granted, but it's important to be honest. Don't post misleading pictures of information but do emphasize positives in the most favorable language available. It's not rocket science, but it is important and getting help in the effort can make a difference. It's all about the language, use it wisely!

What to Deemphasize

Any time you are advertising a property, there will be drawbacks: some that you can't control. Learning how to be honest about those drawbacks without letting them dominate your advertising is crucial. Maybe your listing has limited space, emphasize how you or the last renter used creative furniture placement to make the most of the space. Talk about how "cozy" the space is or play up the cost effectiveness of the listing while downplaying the low square footage. The key, though, is that you must be honest about the listing while still focusing on the importance of the better parts. Much of this, as is the case with what you should emphasize, will depend on your listing but the principle rings true regardless of what you're advertising. Renters want space and amenities, if one element isn't quite where it should be, pay it brief lip service and then focus on the positives. Its all in the wording and how you present the features.

Advertising a space that you're renting is important but doesn't have to be impossible. You also don't have to be purposefully inaccurate in your description of your space, you just need to know how to use your words and images to emphasize the best and deemphasize the worst. Remember that much of this can be done by professionals and that's always the best bet if you can afford it and/or it makes sense for you. As always, do your own research when considering renting your property and make the most of what you've got. Good luck!

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