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Top Five Places for Renters in Queens County

By Tiffany Raiford

Many people look to rent an apartment or home in Queens County because of its proximity to the Manhattan area. Rather than living in Manhattan, where rent is triple plus the amount of rent in Queens County, some people prefer a short commute and a more neighborhood-like living situation. It's close to New York City and there's plenty of options for those who wish to live in the area.


Astoria is the most popular neighborhood in Queens County at the moment. Renters love the diversity, the culture and the nightlife in Astoria. It's known for having the biggest and most eclectic mix of dining options anywhere in New York. You can find apartments for rent that come in every price range, size and building type. Additionally, what makes this area of Queens County so desirable is the fact that it's located on 10 minutes from downtown Manhattan, making the commute simple for those who work in the city.

Long Island City

Long Island City is a growing area for many Queens County residents. Though it's been known in the past to house too much industrial work and some really unattractive housing, the city is working to change that image. There's more nightlife coming into the area. There's more modern and contemporary housing going up and there's the added benefit that right now, at least, the rental prices are very affordable. There's plenty of opportunity for waterfront building and the city is making a point to make that another bonus to Long Island City.

Jackson Heights

Renters love Jackson Heights because most apartments are located in prewar buildings. What does this mean for you? This means you'll get more space and better insulation. That means no more listening to your neighbors coming and going, arguing or...making up. The area is filled with nightlife and though it's the further east than any other neighborhood in Queens County, it's only a 15 minute train ride to Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. Additionally, there are more row houses and single family homes here than many other areas for you to rent.


What renters love about Glendale is the upper-middle class feel to the area. There are more single family homes and row houses, trees and residential feelings in the area than anywhere else. The commute to New York City is quick and that helps the area's popularity. There is an abundance of nightlife, shopping and entertainment in Glendale. It might not be as affordable as some of the other Queens County neighborhoods, but the high quality of living is worth the extra price and still more affordable than Manhattan.


Ridgewood is very appealing to renters because of the gorgeous, well-constructed row houses on quiet streets. It's a version of suburban living only minutes away from the city. It's full of nightlife, restaurants and shops. Kids have great schools to attend and those who work in the city appreciate the ability to come home to this neighborhood and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city at night.

With so much to choose from as far as homes go in Queens County, it's no wonder so many people choose to call this area of New York home. The commute is easy, the neighborhoods a great place to live and the prices perfect for any budget. It's an increasingly popular location for renters, which means that you're sure to find what you want in a neighborhood you enjoy.

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