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Top Five Places to Live in Queens County

By Tiffany Raiford

Choosing where you want to live in Queens County can feel a bit overwhelming. The sheer size of this New York area is big enough to have you wondering if you'll ever find the perfect neighborhood. Before you lose hope, however, understand that while each of the neighborhoods in Queens County is different, one is perfect for you and your family.

Long Island City

This is one neighborhood in which residential and commercial real estate mix well. Singles love to call this area of New York home because of its bustling nightlife, arts scene and many waterfront parks. It's also a haven for families who want to have access to nearby parks, schools and recreation for their children. The fact that it is the connection point for the Queensboro Bridge, the only non-toll road into Manhattan from Queens County makes this a popular choice for those who commute to work in the city. The neighborhood has a diverse range of townhomes and apartments that fit any family's needs.


Perfect for families of the middle class nature, Astoria is the kind of neighborhood where everyone knows everyone and kids are welcome in all the local shops. With spacious apartments and townhomes, this close-knit community has a big population of Greek residents, which means family will always come first. If you have kids, the schools, parks and the fact that your little ones will always have a friend nearby might encourage you to make the move to Astoria.

Jackson Heights

Many people make the move to Jackson Heights because the commute to Manhattan is only minutes on the express E train. If you're looking for a small apartment or co-op for yourself and your spouse, you'll find it. If you're looking for a condo for your growing family, you'll find it. Most of the homes here are multi-unit apartment buildings in the five to six story range. Some come with a doorman and elevator and some do not; it all depends on your budget and desire for location. The schools are good, the livelihood in the area is good and there's plenty to offer in terms of nightlife and entertainment.


If you're a religious family looking to live close to your place of worship so that you can volunteer and spend time with your spiritual side, Flushing is the neighborhood for you. It's typically one in which the locals are big on family, big on family-owned businesses and keep mostly to themselves. You'll find a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds here. The schools are good, but maybe not as good as those in other family-friendly neighborhoods. The commute into the city isn't bad, but it's not as close as some of the others. The apartments are a bit older, but the character, the nightlife and the exuberance of this area are unmistakable.


A truly middle class New York neighborhood, Briarwood is where you want to go in Queens County if you're looking for a single family home. It's hard to come by these types of homes in the New York City area, but Briarwood is full of them. The schools in Briarwood boast some of the most famous alumni in the world, including New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Attorney General and actor, David Caruso. It's the perfect community in which to raise your family, ensure your kids receive the best possible education and your family gets to grow up as a tight-knit group.

Though each of the many neighborhoods in Queens County are diverse, unique and culturally exciting, each has something to offer families, couples, singles and young professionals. Knowing which type of neighborhood in which you want to reside will help you narrow down your choices and make the best decision for your family.

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