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What Your Home Inspection Reveals About Child Safety: An Interview with Jeffrey Molloy of Check Mark Services

By Jeffrey Molloy

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Check Mark Services is a NY Licensed & Master Inspector Certified home inspection firm located in Mt. Kisco, NY.

We offer highly detailed, full photo home inspections that normally go well beyond the NY State required standards.

Our inspections include infrared thermal imaging - a technology that gives a dramatic visualization of potential problems that are often invisible to the naked eye.

We also offer EMF, Radon, Mold, Lead and Water testing for our home inspection clients.

Does a typical home inspection check for anything related to child safety?

Home Inspections are not designed to specifically identify child safety issues and home inspectors are not required to look specifically for child safety issues.

It is common however for good inspectors to point out certain conditions that are often dangerous for children such as gaps in guardrails that exceed 4 inches, low or missing guardrails, stoves that do not have anti-tip safety devices, exposed steam radiators, missing electrical box covers, substandard pool fencing or gates.

Good Inspectors may also note "attractive nuisance" dangers such as open wells, unsecured entrances to crawlspaces and tool sheds, ponds and streams etc.

Are there any additional safety measures that a buyer can have their home inspector check?

Some Inspector will offer lead testing (water, paint, solder) as lead can be very harmful to infants and children.

When buying a new house, what are some of the most important features that relate to child safety?

When moving to a "new" home children will likely be more inquisitive about their surroundings and what adventures lie ahead.

Parents should consider taking their children on a "tour" of their new home and point out where it is OK to play and where dangers may lurk.

Exterior doors should close and latch easily and fences and gates should be secure especially when homes are situated close to roadways.

Parents of small children should also consider installing "talking" smoke detectors as tests have shown that young children often do not wake when traditional smoke detectors are set off but will respond to the "talking" alarms.

Are many home inspectors qualified to evaluate child safety measures?

Many adults, inspectors included, are not familiar with child safe practices when it comes to their homes. Most inspectors will have some training on general safety issues but few are specifically trained on "child safety".

Do you have any tips for parents when they're having a new house inspected?

Clients should always attend their home inspections and should not be afraid to ask questions related to home safety. If you don't understand something ask your inspector to explain it again in a different way (Most inspectors love to talk).

Clients should also READ their inspection report as it will likely contain additional information on many topics and finally, if your inspector recommends that you have an important safety issue evaluated by a specialist, do it BEFORE you buy the house not after!

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

We at Check Mark Services can be reached via e-mail at: info@checkmarkservice.com or by phone (914) 646-7141 and would be happy to answer questions about your potential new home and about home inspections in general.

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