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Woodmere Fitness Club Is Empowering Women through Exercise

By Marina I. Jokic

Inna Koppel is an emigre whose character was shaped during her journey to the U.S. Once Koppel arrived in New York, she felt there was a world of possibilities in front of her. Koppel wanted to create a community of people who help and support each other while working to strengthen their spiritual and physical health. Woodmere Fitness Club came about thanks to the efforts of this closely knit group of friends and associates and Koppel's philosophy that a healthy body is the scaffolding for a healthy spirit.

At WFC, you can find health and fitness offerings for the entire family, but all of the classes are especially suited to empowering women and girls.

"All of our after-school kid's classes have both body and mind at heart," Koppel said. "We focus on the development of their fitness and physical skills while also helping them build confidence, self-esteem, and a positive body image."

One popular example is The Ultimate Fit Female (TUFF), a dynamic and engaging high-interval intensity training program utilizing boxing bags, indo-row machines, ropes, and kettlebells. In addition, WFC offers diet coaching for women, men and teens as well as free babysitting while you are working out. With such a diversity of fitness classes, flexible timing, and free daycare, WFC exceeds many people's expectations.

If you want to attain chiseled arms and legs, try the kickboxing class. It's a 50-minute cardio burst of a workout that uses weights to add an extra burn in your muscles. Fit to the Core is another smashing success at WFC, a total body workout that stretches and sculpts while building a strong core and incorporating fun cardio drills.

Finally, Roll & Restore makes use of mats, balls, and rollers to aid the body in recovering and to improve your range of motion. It also eases muscle aches and pains. This particular class is intended for all body types and is a great complement to other more intensive workouts.

WFC employs a small staff of professional coaches with experience ranging from academic degrees in nutrition and exercise science to participation in competitive athletics.

"Regardless of your goals, our team will help you get there in a safe, effective and efficient manner," Koppel said. "Strength is the foundation of increasing overall physical capacity, boosting your body's ability to burn fat, increasing bone density, and enjoying a pain-free life."

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