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How Home Inspectors Become Licensed How Home Inspectors Become Licensed

By Derren Peters

The home inspector will play an important role if you're acquiring a home. A home represents a significant investment, perhaps the biggest of...

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Mold Guide Mold Guide

By Matea Shosho

Molds are one of the main problems you can have in your home. Not only is it distasteful to see, but it has the probability to be very unsafe for your health. Here is a brief guide on mold.

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New Homes Need Inspections Too New Homes Need Inspections Too

By Eddie Gallese

When it comes to home inspections one frequent mistakes people make is believing that a brand new house does not need a home inspection.

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Common Issues Found in Home Inspections Common Issues Found in Home Inspections

By Conrad Bastable

Some of the most common sources of failure during a home inspection

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Home Mold Inspections Home Mold Inspections

By Derren Peters

One thing to look out for, especially when moving into a new home, is mold. Although mold can be quite harmless beyond its ugly physical appearance, some types of mold as well as large quantities of mold could be dangerous and cause health issues or destroy your home's walls and foundation.

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Home Inspection Checklist Home Inspection Checklist

When buying a home, you'll want to know all of the house flaws ahead of time, and therefore will want a home inspector to assess the building. ...

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