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Responsibilities of Landlords

Being a landlord is a very nice deal financially - you have a property that keeps on generating you income. However, as a landlord you also have responsibilities to your tenants.

  • The first obligation is to de-lead your property if a child under the age of six is going to reside there.
  • You also need to provide a livable property. This means that the house should be resistant to different weather conditions, have working plumbing, working heating and electrical systems, and have a smoke detector.
  • A landlord needs to protect its tenants from crime. In order to do so the stairways and common areas need to be well lighted. Doors, gates and windows need to have working locks, and the intercom should be working.
  • If a landlord knows tenants are dealing drugs, he has a legal obligation to inform authorities.

You also need to protect yourself from different issues related to the tenants. The tenant can contact you to help him with different property issues, and if you don't respond promptly you may be subject to legal action. Because of this, whenever the tenant contacts you with an issue, you should address the issue and keep track of the communication.

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