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Fuchs Projects Gallery: Telling Stories Fuchs Projects Gallery: Telling Stories

By Jim Caton

Rafael Fuchs's gallery features primarily photographic art, and he points out with pride that it is the only such gallery on the emerging Bushwick scene. A tour through his collections reveals a penchant for stark juxtaposition with crisp cropping edges, a flamboyance with the human form, and a subdued but pervasive sense of humor.

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Minus Space: A Champion for Reductivism in the Center of the Art Market Minus Space: A Champion for Reductivism in the Center of the Art Market

By Jim Caton

Minus Space may be a gallery dedicated to the pared-down genre of Reductivist art, but in the twelve years since its founding, it has grown considerably. What began as an online curator site in 2003 has since evolved into perhaps the world's center for the neo-minimalist movement known as Reductivism.

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Jim Caton is a Staff Writer at Long Island For Sale.

An English teacher for twenty-five years, first at a college near Buffalo and then at a prep school near Detroit, Jim Caton loves talking, teaching and writing. He holds an M.A. and a J.D. and has worked as a law clerk, bartender, metal plating line operator, hi-lo driver, dishwasher, hardware clerk, and he spent four hours working for a cab company. Jim is a songwriter who plays the open-mic circuit and enjoys building furniture and guitars. He is currently at work on two books, a journalistic analysis of the privatization phenomenon titled Upside Down, and a children's fantasy novel titled The Wicker House.